Value Chain

Equipment Vendors

Equipment vendors are generally distinguished between pure antenna manufacturers and satellite equipment manufacturers that produce indoor or outdoor ground equipment including antennas, LNBs, BUCs, hubs, routers, software and network management systems. You can also partner with Swazisat to be an agent providing equipment to your remote areas through us.

Service Providers/ Network Operators

Service providers, sometimes known as network operators, are telecommunication companies or specialized satellite service companies who sell a full service package to the end customer. They lease capacity from satellite operators, purchase and operate the network equipment and the antenna, and are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the network. A company can also sign up with Swazisat and after training start providing installation services to the rest of the areas in Swaziland.


Customers are the enterprises, organizations and consumers who use satellite communication services. Governments or large corporate customers may operate as their own service provider by managing the equipment directly and leasing bandwidth from Swazisat satellite operator. Individuals and smaller enterprises typically work with service providers who manage the equipment and connections.


Always-on, high-speed connectivity is needed for a variety of applications. Whether broadcasting radio to consumers or multi-casting data for enterprise networks, satellite can support all of a user’s networking requirements, including:

• VoIP
• Email
• Internet
• Video
• Data
• Broadcasting

Satellite can provide the right solution for a number of applications, whether extending the edge of the terrestrial networks to remote places or as a stand-alone solution.