Swazisat Express Wifi

If you’re a mobile network operator or internet service provider, we can help you build, operate, grow, and monetize your Wi-Fi business.

About Swazisat's Express WiFi

Wi-Fi is a powerful reality that is helping to generate revenue in emerging neighbourhoods. The ever increasing demand for more connected devices and content such as streaming videos and VR experiences and government information messages is increasing demand for reliable high speed internet. However, access to broadband Internet in low-income areas still remains a luxury. Swazisat sees this as creating new opportunities to connect people across communities and to create micro business environments to empower local representatives in this rapidly growing digital economy. Furthermore, connectivity generates many new business opportunities to maximize revenues and enriches communities by reducing the digital gap between the connected and the unconnected. Swazisat Express Wi-Fi allows local communities to become Service Providers in their own right by providing connectivity in emerging communities while generating revenues and locally empowering small business ventures and entrepenoers. So, if you want to be a Service Provider that can empower your local community please keep reading and discover how to make the most out of this initiative.

Generate Revenue over WiFi

What is Swazisat Express Wi-Fi?

Swazisat is a company that was registered June 2016 in Eswatini. Its partner companies have over thirty years in the Wi-Fi and wireless communications industry. It has partnered with Facebook and has developed an intuitive cloud-based platform for management of these systems.

How can Swazisat Express Wi-Fi benefit the local communities?

4G Coverage Gaps : In high-density population areas, Express Wi-Fi helps partners identify, deploy, and manage their footprint to complement their mobile offering.
Areas with Low 4G Adoption : While some people can connect, many cannot do so for diverse reasons. Express Wi-Fi offers different business and incentive features to help partners overcome this challenge.
Areas with 4G Congestion : By allowing for seamless roaming on a partner network, end-users will benefit from an always-connected state. As a result, the partner’s business will be able to better manage congested areas due to a better WiFi platform.
Lower cost to market : Unlike its competitors a wireless network can be setup for less than 200.00 USd and operated for less than 30.00 USD a month. That is hundreds of times more cost effective than having to invest in expensive cellular infrastructure. The lower infrastructure costs are also reflected in the low cost and in some cases free access to the internet.

How can You generate revenue with Express Wi-Fi?

As a retailer or reseller Express Wi-Fi is ideal for individuals or businesses looking to invest and scale their Wi-Fi portfolio to bring high speed Wi-Fi to people when and how they want it. Most importantly, Swazisat Express Wi-Fi has the intelligence to help Wi-Fi operators and reseller to understand business performance, identify new segments, and execute sales initiatives for further growth. 

Express Wi-Fi provides consumer-facing tools that allow retailers and resellers to engage  with customers by leveraging further monetization tools such as sponsored hotspots and targeted advertisements to generate revenues over the national Wi-Fi network. As a result, it brings maximum flexibility and finance optionality to the various stakeholders.

The Express Wi-Fi approach to generate revenue
There are two broad categories to generate revenue for stakeholders.

Direct: the end-user, customer, or subscriber pays when buying data packs from the distribution channel, i.e.retailers resellers
1. Home and SMBs : offering Wi-Fi data plans for homes and small businesses in fixed locations.
2. Prepaid data packs : Service providers can introduce volume and time-based data packs and sell those to their subscribers.
Indirect: when a network is monetized by 3rd party options like Ads or sponsored Internet Access
1. Recharge API and Vouchers : When end-users don’t have to pay for Internet access, recharge APIs and vouchers, provide bulk provisioning and distribution of data packs. Ideal for Doctor’s clinics, youth hostels, coffee shops, Spa and wellness centres.
2. Sponsored Hotspots : It provides customized, branded captive portals ideal for businesses to improve brand visibility and rollout marketing campaigns.
3. Ads : Express Wi-Fi provides ad-sponsored networks via banner and video ads, a popular monetization method in public networks.
Key Benefits of Express Wi-Fi
1. Achieve better utilization and profitability from a portfolio of monetization.
2. Machine Learning and advanced analytics for optimal network deployment
3. Integrate with existing networks, thanks to Technology Partners
4. Reduced footprint due to the cloud-based SaaS model, and faster time to market.
5. Access to a broad ecosystem of access points.

The Express Wi-Fi users


Through the Partner portal, Service Providers –known to Express Wi-Fi as partners, are
enabled to perform end-to-end management of retailers, distributors, sales representatives,
and brand ambassadors. Also, the insights tab displays business metrics data of crucial
elements within the platform to improve hotspots’ performance.
In addition, have full control over revenue generation. For instance, the monetization feature
displays insights about the revenue data from different monetization tools and provides SPs
with opportunities to maximize revenue where and when it is needed.


Express Wi-Fi also relies on local business owners operating Wi-Fi hotspots that customers
(end-users) nearby can pay to access higher-speed bandwidth.
Retailers are the Express Wi-Fi local representatives and are the point of contact for end-
users to buy data and learn about the service. As a result, you could manage Express Wi-Fi
retailers, distributors, sales reps, and brand ambassadors. Also, view their details and
information, and perform actions such as adding new retailers, managing their balance, and
editing their location information.

Retailers have a different interface that enables them to manage their Express Wi-Fi account,
sell data packs to new or recurring customers, keep track of transactions, and perform top-

Customers (end-user)

Customers or end-users are the ones who purchase or get access to the Internet service
offered by the Express Wi-Fi partner. 
Partners can manage Express Wi-Fi customers, invite customers, view their details and
information, reply to customer data requests, apply vouchers and send messages.

Customers need to download the Express Wi-Fi app (available for Android only) Ios i-
Phones can use the built in browser interface to buy data packs and find nearby hotspots more
easily. The App enables customers to purchase data packs or view their purchase history. In
addition, Customers can perform actions like watching ads or invite friends to join Express
Wi-Fi to earn free data and locate Wi-Fi zones.
Typically, Customers access Express Wi-Fi hotspots by signing up with a participating
retailer and purchasing a prepaid data pack. Therefore, by using Express Wi-Fi hotspots,
Partners can quickly expand their services and provide faster, more affordable connectivity to
rural and urban areas.

Swazisat Express Wi-Fi Bundles

*Once off installation fee is E999.00 anywhere in the Kingdom of Eswatini

*All Prices are VAT excluded


Per month



Per month