Welcome to Swazisat for all your support requirements.

I would just like to say thank you on behalf of the entire company as we appreciate your business.

To get you settled I would like to share with you some of the resources that you can use to contact us for any support related issues.

If you have a service level agreement with us then please use your dedicated support email, this will ensure that the appropriate dedicated staff are alerted all responses are time stamped and compliant with your SLA.

If you do  not have a support contract then we will try and resolve your support issue remotely. First we will remotely check that your interent is functioning correctly. If you are a Vsat or fibre customer then this will be done via our cloud based monitoring systems. If these systems are functioning correctly then we will dial in and test any of our other monitored components.

In the event that your hardware is installed by third parties or is over the 12 month warranty period then we will ask you to place an order for a 2 man hour onsite visist. Please follow the procedure below:

If you do not have a dedicated SLA or access to your email or support manager then please use any of the methods described below.

By email helpdesk@swazisat.com

Please use the email above, this will ensure that all of our technicians have visibility of your support question and will assist you as soon as we are able.

Remote Support
Should technicians require to login to your PC please go to our TeamViewer Quick Support link below. For TeamViewer Quick Support to work you will need to close any open TeamViewer session by clicking the “Show hidden icons” arrow on the bottom right of the screen, right click TeamViewer icon and select “Close”.

By Telephone:

If you have a dedicated manager then you can contact them by the number provided. Alternatively you can call +268 78 08 18 18 and follow the prompts. If you are directed to an answerphone please leave a detailed massage as this will be emailed to the support team.

It is most important that you leave an email address in your message as this will enable one of our support team to raise a support ticket on your behalf.

By Facebook.

We have a Facebook connector that will enable you to message us through face book. One of our team will then raise a support ticket on your behalf.

Important Notice.

Please always try to give us as much detail as possible about your issue, that we we can ensure that the most appropriate technician is directed to you and will assist in bringing your problem to a speedy resolution.