Cloudburst is our new speed boosting technology.

It is based on low cost easy to obtain DSTV components.

Easy to self install without professional help

This innovative solution uses the standard Ku band DSTV technology and provides additional download capacity to  accelerate terrestrial broadband networks.

The hybrid system uses the satellite for the high speed downstream data to end users, and the countries existing terrestrial  networks such as mobile networks, Wi Fiber or 3G / 4G for upstream  data.

The terrestrial networks does not need to cater for the high data speeds, as the return or uploaded information is typically of limited in bandwidth.

Furthermore, as the terrestrial return path  has considerably lower latency than two-way  satellite systems, the hybrid system provides  less round-trip delay times than a conventional Vsat installation.

Deployment of Swazisats solution opens up  new business opportunities for ISPs communications  and media service providers:

It has been ESCCOM approved and as it uses one of the existing ISPs does not need any special licence.

This solution has been tested with Swazimobile, MTN, EPTC ADSL, Jenny and Touch IT.

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